Mind Over Matter

Captors and Captives

The mangled dwarf leads you to a set of large double doors and begins shaking his head and lifting his arms to give warning that danger is beyond. After everyone stops moving, you can clearly hear a muffled ruckus through the thick doors as if many creatures are on the other side.

Peering into the room reveals a huge dining hall with several long tables and two large hearths ablaze with an iron cauldron hung in each. At least a dozen goblins are at the center of the room jeering and arguing in their guttural tongue while two hulking ogres sit along the right wall near one of the hearths watching the commotion. An additional set of double doors is along the left wall near you and a smaller door is across the room flanked by what can only be two stone giants with granite grey skin and gaunt features.

The party ambushes the mess hall full of enemy and realize that the giants wear large iron collars with an inset gem within (at the base of their neck) and that the duergar wear iron crowns inset with a different gems (upon their forehead).  The group quickly find the captives to reveal that sir Grigor and two noble dwarves, Kibik and Lodrik Goldmantle, were taken to the Great Hall by the duergar.

The party discovered the following captives. A total of 16 dwarves and 4 humans, all shackled in what once was a large pantry.


(9) dwarven females (minor injuries) [Daglarul, Keshra, Unla, Belba, Yari, Yurna, Ranala, Frita, Nola]

(2) dwarven females (unconscious due to beating) [Gani, Uada]

(1) Tirras Thunderblade – female warrior (broken right leg and left eye burnt out]

(1) Orra Ironhand – female warrior (amputated right hand, badly beaten)

(2) dwarven males (unconscious due to beatings and brandings) [Garin, Grongus]

(1) Banthic Steelbeard – male smith (both eyes burnt out, vocal chords injured, must whisper]


(2) human fighters (hands mangled, smashed by hammers, beaten badly) [Gustav, Harald]

(1) Kaare Kampen – male archer (numerous broken ribs, broken right ankle, three fingers missing on left hand)

(1) Jobban the Young – male knight (a 1 inch hole burnt through each palm, beaten badly)


Rune uses one of the teleportation circle scrolls to evacuate the survivors. However, Toogrod remained to guide the party to the Great Hall.


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