Mind Over Matter

Defiled Sanctuary

As you surface in the pool, an unbearable stench assaults you as the blood-thickened water clings to you like a thick gel. Dim light from high above barely pierces the darkness, but you can’t help but notice the carnage that surrounds you. The remnants of dwarven bodies are strewn about this 30ft chamber of smooth stone and float about you in the 10ft wide pool of butchery. It is impossible to determine how many dwarven corpses are actually here as their remains are spread throughout the chamber. A narrow natural stair ascends the wall to a ledge some 20ft above the pool. As you reach the ledge, it opens into a long room 20ft wide and 40ft in length. The carnage below is mirrored here as the floor is bathed in congealed blood and viscera. A distal door of heavy wood and iron bands is visible on the distant wall flanked by two low burning braziers.

Beyond the heavy door lies a circular chamber with a door in each cardinal direction. Obviously converted for use as a prison and torture chamber, several manacled dwarves are connected by heavy chains hung from large pitons driven into the stone walls at a height of 10ft. Many are limbless and all are covered in dried blood with obvious scarring from deep burns. A low burning brazier is in the center of the room and has several brands resting in the embers. The stench of blood, burnt flesh and sweat fill the room.

The group find a dwarf barely clinging to life and are able to heal him enough to gain his aid. They discover that the dwarf is Toogrod Silverhelm, a minor priest of Moradin, who has had his tongue, his thumbs, and his forefingers removed. Toogrod communicates through writing and leads the party to a small sanctuary to reveal what he knows about the intruders composed of duergar, stone giants, goblins, and ogres.


elblade121 elblade121

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