Mind Over Matter

Epilogue 1

As you enter the teleportations circle, a slight disorientation sweeps across you and then you stand in a large stone room. A ring of hardy fighters dressed in furs and dark dyed leather armor with metal studs surround you. Their crossbows are raised at the ready and the sight on you. A voice booms, “Hold!” You look to the voice to see the Damaran that accompanied Duke Sergei Shemov at the Towering Pine. He nods politely to your party and upon seeing Grigor, motions his men to collect the Duke’s son. “Worry not adventurers, those you sent first are in the infirmary and we have healers prepared for Lord Grigor and you if needed. Come, and we shall see your wounds bound in preparation to relay your tale to the Duke.”

            The large Damaran realizes the two dwarven corpses and Toogrod Silverhelm among your circle. “Good dwarf, please accept the aid of Soravia and our sorrow for the loss of Skywatch and your brethren. We will honor your dead and prepare them for what rights you wish. Your kin sent before you are receiving the best care available.” He scowls as he sees the dead duergar and the strange tentacled rubbery skinned creature in your midst.

            The large man looks at your bloodied and battle weary party before continuing, “I am Gennady Petrov, Commander of the Snowguard and War Counselor to the Duke. My men will secure those bodies for later investigation. Please follow me to the infirmary and then we will speak more.” He turns to lead your party from the room as his men carefully secure the corpses of the Goldmantles while others simply drag the duergar and the strange creature by the heels from the room. You wind through some corridors and ascend a flight of stairs to the infirmary where you see those you rescued being tended. Toogrod quickly runs to the dwarven female, Orra Ironhand, and begins speaking to her rapidly in dwarven. She begins to cry. Gavel speaks lowly to the group, “He has told her of the death of Kibik and Lodrik Goldmantle.”

            Commander Petrov turns to you, “Please allow our healers to bind your wounds with clean bandages. I will inform the Duke of your success and prepare a room for you to share your findings within an hour. If you choose to rest and bathe before, you will have the chance.” The commander turns and leaves the room.

            Shortly after an hour, each of you are summoned and led to a grand hall. The Duke of Soravia stands as you approach and walks toward you. He takes the time to personally clasp each of you by the hand and thank you for returning his son. He then asks you to be seated and share your tale since last you met. Over the next hour, Duke Shemov and Commander Petrov listen to your tale and ask many questions about the adversary now occupying Skywatch. They show particular interest in your belief that the giants are being controlled somehow by the duergar using the collars and crowns you describe. The duke relays that he has researchers attempting to identify the tentacled creature as it sounds like this creature was directly supporting the duergar general. After the discussion about Skywatch and your successful mission to extract his son and the other survivors, the duke changes the subject. “You will forever have my gratitude and I will share your heroism and duty across Damara.  I would also ask you to enjoy the comfort of my estate while we wait for Falstrag to return or report. Meanwhile, I would ask you to consider a reward for you valor and deeds. I have access to wealth, knowledge, and land. I am prepared to honor you with what you choose.”


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