Mind Over Matter

Epilogue 2

Throg quickly takes a step forward  and grumbles, "I have no use for your money!  And you can keep your land and fancy titles. But I could use your help finding someone I seek." Commander Petrov scowls at the half-orcs tone and takes a step forward, but the duke holds his hand upward to stop the man and then answers. “Master tracker, you will have what knowledge and aid Soravia provide to the fullest. I would ask you to write your request with as much detail to ensure we are able to find what you seek.”

            Myst steps beside Throg  and grins widely, "My services are always at your disposal and I'll graciously accept any trinkets or titles you throw my way. But I work best in the shadows, and any way you can assist with that would be beneficial for us both.” The halfling exaggerates his hand motions to reiterate both by one being placed on his chest and the other extending to the Duke. “Either way, our current contract is fulfilled."

            Sten walks before the duke, “Here is the Warhammer of the Duergar Chieftain. May this hammer always remind us of his defeat, and may it symbolize the forging alliance between our houses.” Sten kneels before the duke and raises the hammer above his head. The Duke takes the warhammer and hands it o Commander Petrov. Sten stands and takes a step backward before he continues, “Yet, I am not a diplomat. I am a warrior. I hear Soravian steal is legendary in quality and to wield such a shield or blade is a great honor. I offer my steal and my strength to protect Soravia until the Duergar are defeated and the Dwarfs of Skywatch are avenged.”  The duke smiles and responds, “I am honored to call House Dormythyrr an ally and have always approved of the strength and sincerity of the people of Brandiar. My eldest son has spoke fondly of you and I accept your gift. I will find something of value to bestow upon you my noble friend to reciprocate such an alliance.”

            From beyond the group Cerelea walks just before Throg and speaks, “I feel I could further serve Soravia and Damara as a whole if I could have just a minor title bestowed upon me. I need no lands, or wealth, just something that allows me to serve the current lords and ladies of Damara in a more official capacity.”   The duke raises an eyebrow as if his curiosity is peaked and then strokes his beard a few seconds before replying. “Mistress Cerelea, many tales surround the court of your beauty and influence. Most titles require either land ownership or fealty to a patron or lord. If I bestow a title upon you, it would bind you to Soravia and to Damara as you suggest. I believe I could find a suitable position for your talents but will allow you to think upon it to ensure you contemplate its bonds. I would grant you the title of Lady Cerelea, Emissary of Soravia for the Damaran Court and Foreign Affairs. This position would require you to gather intelligence and carefully wield influence to benefit both Soravia and the peoples of Damara.”

            The duke looks at the remaining heroes for their requests. Eyes turn toward Gavel, Egan, Rune, and Griffon.


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