Mind Over Matter

Epilogue 3

Egan steps forward still wearing his blood encrusted armor, "My only request is to be informed of the next foray into the dark dwarf Infested halls. I will avenge the dwarves and place another layer of duegar blood upon this armor, by Tempus!"  The duke nods his approval at Egan. “Your reputation precedes you Blade of Tempus and I am certain you will get your chance to bring wrath to the duergar and their giant allies.”

            Griffon clearly speaks, "Milord, Ilmater's wisdom guided us through these trials and aided our mission to rescue your son and our Dwarven allies. I seek no wealth, lands or title. I wish only to further serve the people of Soravia in their time of need and avenge those that fell by the hands of the Duergar and that tentacled abomination.  Consider me at your disposal if you deem me worthy of defending your Duchy." The monk bends on one knee and bows his head. “Please rise Brother Griffon,” the duke replies. “You stand among friends, among allies, and I am grateful for each of you and your service to Soravia, Damara, and our dwarven friends.”

            Before gavel or Rune can comment on their request, a young Damaran enters in robes and draws the duke’s attention. The young man merely nods and places his hand upon his temple then his mouth. The duke turns to your group and continues, “Please excuse me as I must receive a message from Falstrag. I would ask you to rest a few days and enjoy the hospitality of my manor and Kinbrace if you wish to see our city. I would like to meet you all again on the morrow at midday to present you tokens of our appreciation and inform you of what we have learned of the duergar leader and the tentacle beast.” He turns to Gavel, “Fine paladin of Tempus, I imagine your request would be as modest as your companions here.” He turns to Rune, “I am never sure what a wizard desires, so please provide a written accord of such to young Nikita here. He will also secure the written accord of Throg’s request and it may be sealed if the request is for my eyes only.” The duke looks at the lad and continues, “Show them where they are and provide for their needs Nikita.” He then exits with Commander Petrov in tow.

            The yound lad smiles at the group, “I am Nikita and am very pleased to meet you. I recognize many of you from the tales I have heard. Please come see.” The young robed man moves to a large door along the wall and opens it as a cold gust of wind enters the room from beyond. He steps through and motions for you to follow. The door leads to a wide circular balcony some four stories above the cobbled inner courtyard below. You quickly view the landscape about you to see three other castles connected by a stout stone wall that encompass a small city and evidently connect to the castle where you stand. Nikita points to a winding river that runs along the distant wall. “That is the Galena Snake River coming from the north and going southward to join with the Icelace River. Beyond it to the west lies the lands of the Barony of Morov. The city before you is the capital of Soravia, Kinbrace. Some 4,000 souls call this their home and almost all would be pleased to meet heroes such as you.” The young man pulls his robes against his body to lessen the chill, “I can show you to your rooms, the kitchens, the commons, or the infirmary.”


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