Mind Over Matter

Into the Wild-2

The Dark Spire

After exiting the golden grasslands of the Glade of Sighs, the keystone pulses with verdant green light and pulls at the bearer’s consciousness. The path lies ahead through a forest of thick twisted trees with enormous roots that break the surface of the ground. The spires visible upon the glade are now hidden beyond the canopy of warped limbs and heavy moss. Time passes slowly as you wind through the limbs and trunks. A damp musty odor fills the forest floor and shadows deepen in the recesses of the large trees. The keystone leads you to the base of a huge earthen spire covered with tangle vines and twisted brambles. It appears to rise at least 80ft above you and is equally as wide.

The party recognizes the threat of decaying vegetation near water-soaked areas. They scale the spire using various methods to avoid the tainted regions near the lip.

Cresting the spire reveals a circular plateau surrounded by a series of decaying trees and diseased vines. A dark pool stretching 15ft across is centered in the plateau and rivulets of sluggish water spread to the plateau’s edges.  As you move closer to the pool, two large moss-covered hillocks near it shudder to life and twist about. Earth and water tumble to the ground as the hillock stands and unveils a giant humanoid with a cruel and twisted form. The closest tightens its grip on a thickened tree trunk and yells a guttural warning. A slender figure rises from the pool, its features hidden by a tattered dark green cowl and strands of withered cloth. The sickened plants surrounding the pool recoil and wither further at the figure’s mere presence.

A battle ensues as the group faces two fomorians able to misshape their opponents and a dark fey nymph with blinding beauty, a defiling touch, and druidic spells of significant power. The party eventually slays the pools guardians, but realizes that the pool has been corrupted by her presence.


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