Mind Over Matter

The Great Hall

Beyond the heavy iron doors lies the Great Hall. The massive room spans nearly 100ft long 60ft wide and some 60ft high. Raised balconies to the left and right would allow an additional audience to view the throne at the distant end. Four large pillars centrally spanned support the carved stone roof honoring the dwarven pantheon. Upon the throne sits a long-bearded duergar cloaked in heavy furs with a warhammer across his lap. To each side, a nearly 20ft tall giant with dark skin and red hair suggesting a fire giant lineage stands in plate armor and grips a heavy blade. Each wears a thick dark iron collar and watches you with malice. A shackled man with long brown hair is prone before the throne. He appears to be stripped of any clothing and severely bruised. A naked male dwarf hangs upside down from each pillar closest to the throne. between you and then enemies beyond are another two stone giants and six duergar stone guards. The duergar speaks in a low growling voice, “So the Duke prefers to send more of his kind to their doom! I accept your sacrifice and will send him a rug made from your heroic skins.”

The battle is savage and some of the party fall unconscious dying only to be saved just before succumbing to death. Throg is dominated by an unseen enemy and causes significant damage to the party. He shakes the domination just in time to turn the battle, joined by Rune's giant ape form, and a reinvigorated party.

The dwarven body hangs immobile and a small pool of blood lies beneath. Strangely, a series of holes is noticeable throughout the dwarve’s scalp.

The unseen foe is revealed as a female duergar using mind magics. Somehow, Throg and the giant ape resist the creatures mind blasts and Myst crazily disembowels the tentacled creaure.

The party defeats the collected foes and find Sir Grigor barely alive but unconscious beneath the throne. They bar the door against the approaching intruders and make their escape through the last teleportation circle.


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