Mind Over Matter

The Long Hall

The long hall before you has stone pillars carved into the deeds of dwarven heroes spaced at 15ft intervals along its 90 ft length. The pillars are 15ft from the walls allowing a large 20ft central approach to the massive iron doors at the halls far end. It is obvious that a large battle took place here, but the remains of the fallen have been removed. The pillars have been marred by the intruders leaving small chunks of rubble strewn about. Most pillars have a magical flame burning within a sconce on the pillar’s inner facing 15ft above the floor; illuminating the long hall and its arched 30ft ceiling. A troop of armored duergars and two stone giants stand vigilant guard before the iron doors.

The party rushes the iron doors of the Great Hall to defeat six Duergar Stone Guards, two Stone Giants, and two Duergar Darkhafts (the suspected controllers of the giants). They then siege the large doors to the Great Hall and were able to muscle their way into the Hall.


elblade121 elblade121

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