• Cerelea


    A female half-elf Warlock from Aglarond that persuaded the people and the nobility of Damara to accept her heritage and her fighting prowess. Perhaps her discoveries of the Gloaming Court have been influential
  • Egan "Blade of Tempus"

    Egan "Blade of Tempus"

    A male human ex-soldier turned War Priest that has spent much time on the battlefields of Damara and Vaasa
  • Gavel


    A male human Paladin [Tempus] from Impiltur turned folk hero in Damara after his numerous successes in avenging affronts from enemies and beasts alike
  • Griffon


    A mysterious male human Monk of the Open Hand that is said to have defeated a Griffon single handed as an acolyte
  • Myst


    A male halfling Rogue migrated from The Vast that has found a series of profitable adventures in Damara and a reputation for lucky discoveries
  • Rune


    A male human Transmuter from the Vast that has explored the lands of Impiltur, the Great Dale, and Damara to unlock mysteries of arcana and historical revelations
  • Sten Dormythyrr

    Sten Dormythyrr

    A male human noble that has battled the enemies of Damara for a decade as a Battle Master in hopes to see Damara secure
  • Throg


    A Vaasan male half-orc that survived the streets to become a renowned Hunter and master of the wild
  • Halstur


    A male human archer from the Great Dale whose arrows have found their mark throughout the north. His services as a guide are sought by many in Damara
  • Natarra


    A female human acolyte from Impiltur that has spread kindness and hope throughout the savage lands of Damara as a devout priestess of Ilmater
  • Shoghar


    A male human Barbarian who has survived the Narfell for years and is known for his ferocious attacks and savage temper
  • Skywatch - Toogrod Silverhelm

    Skywatch - Toogrod Silverhelm

    A minor priest of Moradin tortured and maimed by the duergar. His tongue, thumbs and forefingers were removed in the fall of Skywatch.
  • Soravia - Commander Gennady Petrov

    Soravia - Commander Gennady Petrov

    Gennady Petrov, Commander of the Snowguard and War Counselor to the Duke of Soravia
  • Soravia - Duke Sergei Shemov

    Soravia - Duke Sergei Shemov

    The Duke of Soravia is an aging man over 50 winters with closely cropped grey hair and a thick beard and mustache
  • Soravia - Falstrag the Grand

    Soravia - Falstrag the Grand

    A druid of great renown across Damara, Narfell, and the Great Vale
  • Soravia - Nikita

    Soravia - Nikita

    A young Damaran in service at the duke's estate in Kinbrace. He wears simple white robes and has been assigned to guide the party in and about the estate.
  • Wynn


    A female human Druid from Sossal that has traveled far across the northern reaches to include Damara, Narfell, and Vaasa in many shapes