Each of you has answered a summons to the capital of Damara, Helgabal. The capital seems to have waned from your last visit, appearing grimier and less kempt.  The hustle and bustle of a city centered on trade has not lessened and the noise so common of city streets clamors off of stone and timbers alike. Shortly after arrival, you received a message that accommodations have been arranged for you at the “Towering Pine Inn”, a well-known and slightly costly establishment. Additionally, the message requests you gather in the upper meeting room on the fourth floor at sun down for an explanation of your summons which read “Your reputation and past deeds across the lands of Damara give us great hope that you will again aid those that are need.  Whether piety, heroism, knowledge, intrigue, duty, or wealth guides your path; what you seek may be found in the challenge ahead.”